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A look inside both the Legion Go and Steam Deck OLED

The Legion Go (top) and the Steam Deck OLED (bottom), disassembled. | Images: iFixit

iFixit published a dual teardown of Valve’s Steam Deck OLED and the Lenovo Legion Go today, giving a nice, detailed look inside both handhelds with all of the site’s usual meticulous detail. This being iFixit, the focus is on the consoles’ repairability, and it gave both high marks — a 9 / 10 for the Steam Deck OLED and 8 / 10 for the Lenovo Legion.

The article has a nice summary of the process, but we recommend watching the video for the full effect and some nice close-up shots of the components. It’s also a great way to see how things come apart if you’re interested in doing this yourself.

Valve has said it made it easier to carry out DIY fixes for the Steam Deck OLED, and iFixit agrees — as did we in our review. Lenovo has made…

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