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Adobe brings Lightroom and Firefly AI to the Apple Vision Pro

You can pull images generated by Firefly AI and place them around you like a floating gallery. | Image: Adobe

Adobe’s Firefly AI, the text-to-image tool behind features like Photoshop’s generative fill, will be available on the Apple Vision Pro as a native app, alongside the company’s popular Lightroom photo editing software already demonstrated during the headset’s announcement.

The creative software giant announced in a press release that the new Firefly experience had been “purpose-built” for the headset’s visionOS system, allowing users to move and place images generated by the app onto real-world spaces like walls and desks.

The interface of the Firefly visionOS app should be familiar to anyone who’s already used the web-based version of the tool — users just need to enter a text description within the prompt box at the bottom and hit…

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