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ADT’s next security system could be a worthy Nest Secure successor

The discontinued Nest Secure hub (left) and the new ADT security system hub (right) show some indications of Google’s influence on the design. | Images: Google / ADT

It appears security company ADT is about to launch a more fitting successor to Nest Secure than the half-baked ADT Self Setup system it rolled out last year. The new system, called ADT Smart Home Security, features more polished sensor hardware, a sleeker base station with a backlit keypad (like the Nest Guard), and door window sensors that can be disarmed using an on-device button (like the Nest Detects). This was a handy feature of Nest’s system for easily disarming it when your dog needed to pee at 2AM.

The company hasn’t announced this system, so there are no pricing details or a release date, but The Verge received a tip linking to hidden support pages on its website containing all the hardware details. Based on these, we can glean…

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