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Amazon is reportedly way behind on its new Alexa

Amazon’s new Alexa has apparently suffered some setbacks. | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

In the voice assistant arms race, the frontrunner may be about to finish last. On the heels of Apple revealing a new “Apple Intelligence”-powered Siri at its WWDC 2024 conference, a new report from Fortune indicates that Amazon’s Alexa — arguably the most capable of the current voice assistants — is struggling with its own generative AI makeover:

… none of the sources Fortune spoke with believe Alexa is close to accomplishing Amazon’s mission of being “the world’s best personal assistant,” let alone Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ vision of creating a real-life version of the helpful Star Trek computer. Instead, Amazon’s Alexa runs the risk of becoming a digital relic with a cautionary tale— that of a potentially game-changing technology…

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