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Amazon made a new version of its cashierless tech that doesn’t need cameras

Go ahead, wear that new jersey right out of the store. | Image: Amazon

Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology is both extremely cool — just grab what you want and walk out the door, no checking out or paying necessary — and extremely complicated. Amazon’s system uses computer vision, which requires a complex system of cameras and sensors just to make the whole thing work.

But now, Amazon is rolling out a new, simpler way to Just Walk Out. It built a system that uses radio-frequency identification, known as RFID, to track your purchases as you leave the store. Amazon first tested the system at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle (so named by Amazon, which purchased the arena’s naming rights in 2020) and is now also testing it at Lumen Field, the home of the Seattle Seahawks.

The system is pretty straightforward:…

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