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Amazon’s new Echo Frames hands-on: lighter, louder, still all Alexa

They look mostly like glasses, right? That’s the idea. | Photo by David Pierce / The Verge

As soon as I put on Amazon’s new Echo Frames, I did the only thing you should do in that situation: I hit the button on the glasses’ left stem to turn the volume all the way up, and I said, “Alexa, play Taylor Swift.” A couple of seconds later, “Lavender Haze” was blaring out of the Frames’ internal speakers, but only I could hear it.

Okay: blaring might be a little much. The $269.99 Echo Frames, Amazon’s latest smart glasses with the Alexa voice assistant built in, won’t exactly blow your eardrums off with their booming sound. I’d describe it more like coffee-shop music — that ambient playlist meant to be heard but not the only thing you hear — but for your ears only. Amazon’s trying to create the same kind of open-ear “personal audio…

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