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An early iPhone 15 Pro teardown looks inside Apple’s new flagship phone

Image: PBKreviews via YouTube

Want to get a look at the inside of the iPhone 15 Pro? The flagship handheld hasn’t even started shipping yet, but the folks over at PBKreviews have already taken apart the device, revealing the redesigned midframe chassis, along with all the components nestled beneath the iPhone 15 Pro’s screen and glass backing.

The video starts with the careful removal of the display using a screen disassembly device and a plastic pick. From there, PBKreviews disconnects the screen from the body of the phone and removes a series of cables. That’s when we get a good look at the iPhone 15’s camera assembly, which has three Phillips screws holding it down.

Image: PBKreviews via YouTube
The camera assembly on the iPhone 15 Pro.


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