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Apple and OpenAI make a deal

Image: Alex Parkin / The Verge

So, Apple reportedly isn’t paying OpenAI to handle its users’ ChatGPT queries, and OpenAI isn’t paying Apple for its massive distribution. (A billion pockets, y’all!) If that’s the case, what do these two companies get out of their blockbuster partnership for all things iOS and AI? And can OpenAI and Apple actually afford to do this, economically and reputationally? It’s a strange pairing, but it’s coming to a device near you this fall.

On this episode of The Vergecast, we talk about Bloomberg’s reporting on the business deal behind Apple Intelligence before rolling through some of Apple’s new features that didn’t get much (or any) stage time at WWDC. It’s pretty clear Apple is hoping AI will convince you to buy a new iPhone, but it’s…

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