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Apple has an edge over its competitors in the fight against climate change

Apple CEO Tim Cook talks to an employee at a solar farm in Hanstholm, Denmark. | Photo by Christoph Dernbach / picture alliance via Getty Images

A new report compares climate initiatives by Apple, Dell, Google, HP, Microsoft, and Nvidia. Apple’s far from perfect, but so far, it’s ahead of the pack, according to today’s report.

It’s the only company among the six tech giants that has set targets for its suppliers to switch to renewable energy. “Other brands need to send similarly clear signals to their suppliers,” Gary Cook, global climate policy director for the nonprofit that published the report, said in a press release.

To be sure, a completely separate report published by a different environmental group last week casts some doubt on Apple’s recent carbon neutral claims.’s new report, however, puts Apple’s broader climate initiatives in perspective by…

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