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Apple releases macOS Sonoma, with iOS-like widgets and Game Mode

macOS Sonoma brings the iOS lock screen to the Mac. | Screenshot: Monica Chin / The Verge

Apple injects a little more iOS into the Mac today as it releases macOS Sonoma, aka macOS 14.0. Sonoma brings with it features like persistent desktop widgets, a new iOS-style lock screen, and a game mode that promises better gaming on your Mac. The file clocks in at 7.7GB for us, so you’ll want to make sure you have a little space to get it in.

In a refreshing change, the Sonoma update is out just over a week after Apple dropped iOS 17. The new version of the iPhone operating system hit, as always, very soon after its iPhone 15 event earlier this month, but the company usually takes about a month longer to get its next macOS version out the door. That can make for a sometimes frustrating dissonance given Apple’s ecosystem interplay, for…

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