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Apple’s Sunny makes everyone seem like a suspect in new trailer


Early photos from Apple TV Plus’ upcoming series Sunny left little question about it being a comedy, but the show’s new trailer makes it seem like it’s also going to be a solid (if goofy) whodunit that leaves you guessing.

Set in a semifuturistic modern-day Japan, Sunny follows as Suzie Sakamoto (Rashida Jones) sets out to uncover the truth behind her husband Masa’s (Hidetoshi Nishijima) presumed death. Between Masa’s plane crashing under mysterious circumstances and the disappearance of his body, life already feels weird for Sunny as she settles into her new identity as a widow. But when a colleague of Masa’s shows up at Suzie’s door with a bobble-headed domestic robot named Sunny (Joanna Sotomura) as a bereavement gift, things start to…

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