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Artifact’s new Links feature makes it much more than a news app

The Links tab looks a lot like Instagram — but it’s not pictures, it’s links. (With pictures.) | Image: Artifact

Artifact, the algorithmic news-reading app started by Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, was never really meant to just be a news-reading app. Systrom and Krieger have talked about their bigger idea being “TikTok for text,” but so far, all that has meant is a bunch of algorithmically ranked news articles with in-app comments sections. Artifact is a good news app, but that didn’t feel as big as TikTok.

With a new feature called Links, Artifact is getting a little closer to that vision. Links is a new section in the Artifact app, and it’s for far more than news. It’s for, well, links. You can post a link in Artifact to just about anything — an article, a video, a recipe, a real estate listing, a game where all you do is m…

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