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Astrohaus will be shipping its cheapest Freewrite digital typewriter in January

Image: Freewrite

Astrohaus will be shipping the cheapest digital typewriter in its Freewright lineup, the Freewright Alpha, in mid-January for $349. You can preorder it now, however, in black or white from the company’s website.

The Freewrite Alpha is the follow-up to the original $649 Freewrite and the $499 portable Freewrite Traveler from 2020. Like its predecessors, the Wi-Fi-enabled typewriter is free of distractions like web browsers and emails to help you focus on writing. After you’re finished, the gadget wirelessly syncs documents with software services like Google Drive and Dropbox so you can edit and share your documents.

However, the Alpha drops the E Ink display in favor of a reflective monochromatic LCD screen, thus keeping costs down. It…

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