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Bard can now watch YouTube videos for you

Bard continues to tap into Google’s constellation of services and platforms in increasingly useful ways. | Image: Google

Bard, Google’s AI chatbot, has steadily been getting more useful after a lackluster introduction. Now, as noted by Android Authority, the bot’s YouTube integration is getting a handy upgrade so it can analyze individual videos to surface specific information for you — like key points or recipe ingredients — without ever pressing play. That’s potentially a hugely useful tool, but could spell more worry about generative AI for creators.

To try it out, I turned Bard on a YouTube video I regularly reference for spiritual guidance: America’s Test Kitchen’s recipe for an Espresso Martini. Seriously, it’s really good. I often find myself in my kitchen with half the ingredients in a cocktail shaker trying to remember how much Benedictine I’m…

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