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Bending Spoons laid off the entirety of Filmic

Logo: Filmic / Image: The Verge

Bending Spoons has reportedly laid off all of the staffbehind popular iOS and Android mobile filmmaking app Filmic Pro. That’s according to PetaPixel, which reported on Friday that it learned Filmic now has no dedicated employees and that the layoffs included the company’s founder and CEO, Neill Barham.

Some former high-level employees posted about their departure. Christopher Cohen, who was Filmic’s technical chief officer, posted on November 3rd that he was no longer with the company. Kevin Buonagurio, the company’s now-former chief operating officer, replied to a LinkedIn user who’d shared the PetaPixel story yesterday, saying that “pushing the envelope” of mobile filmmaking was part of “what made the Filmic journey so fulfilling for…

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