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Bose’s wild-looking Ultra Open Earbuds are here — kind of

Image: Bose / Kith

Well, this is certainly an unconventional way to introduce what looks like a very unconventional product. Bose just announced the Ultra Open Earbuds, an open-style pair of buds with a very unique design that leaked earlier this month. They’re meant to clip onto your ears to preserve total environmental awareness whenever you’re listening to them. And they’re priced at a hefty $300.

But here’s the catch: this initial offering is an exclusive set designed in collaboration with fashion / lifestyle brand Kith. Kith’s brand is etched onto the earbuds and case in Bose’s signature typeface. You’ll only be able to get the “Kith for Bose Ultra Open Earbuds” from Kith’s online and physical stores beginning January 22nd. And they’ll supposedly only…

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