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Bumblebee joins Optimus Prime as the next Transformers Lego set

Lego’s Bumblebee transforms from robot mode to vehicle mode and back. | Image: Lego

Two years after Lego revealed a buildable model of the Transformers’ Optimus Prime that actually transformed, the heroic Autobot leader is finally getting backup with his second-in-command, Bumblebee, debuting as a 950-piece set that transforms into a Volkswagen Beetle — or at least a close facsimile thereof.

In recent years, thanks to the run of big-budget Transformers movies, Bumblebee is best known for transforming into a bright yellow Chevrolet Camaro. But in the original ’80s toy line and animated series, Bumblebee’s alternate vehicle mode was the iconic Volkswagen Beetle.

Image: Lego
Lego Bumblebee’s vehicle mode appears to be a mashup of several different vehicles.

As with its Optimus Prime set, Lego is…

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