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ChatGPT doesn’t want to write your Stucky fanfic

ChatGPT has limits, and pairing Captain America and the Winter Soldier is one of them… sometimes. | Image: Disney / Marvel

AI-generated fiction has become a subject of perpetual fascination for me. It’s the bane of some writers’ existence, yet it’s increasingly cropping up across both commercial storefronts like Amazon and noncommercial writing sites like Archive of Our Own (AO3). While some creators painstakingly train their own tools, many simply plug prompts into an off-the-shelf commercial chatbot, particularly OpenAI’s ChatGPT. And ChatGPT is not a rarefied artist’s tool. It’s a platform, which means every word that goes into and comes out of it is moderated to avoid offense and controversy. That raises a fascinating question: what stories should you be allowed to make an AI system tell?

Apparently, not ones about Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes being…

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