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Christian Selig makes the YouTube Vision Pro app that Google wouldn’t

YouTube, now on the Vision Pro. | Image: Christian Selig

Google said it isn’t putting out a YouTube app for Apple’s new Vision Pro headset, so a third-party developer has stepped in to make one instead. Juno is the work of Christian Selig, the developer behind the now defunct Reddit app Apollo. It costs $4.99 and is already available from Apple’s App Store.

Although it’s an unofficial third-party app, Juno supports most of the features you’d expect out of a native YouTube app. You can watch videos (obviously), scrub and skip through them using pinch gestures, and it’ll even respect the videos’ aspect ratios. Browsing YouTube’s catalog is also supported (though you can’t see video comments), and Juno is also set up to show YouTube ads to avoid making Google “grumpy,” Selig writes.


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