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Dave the Diver is one of the year’s best games, and it’s still great on Switch

Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge

Dave the Diver cast a line and reeled me in when I played through it on Steam Deck earlier this year. It’s lured once again on Nintendo Switch.

Sorry, I had to get the fishing puns out of the way. But if you haven’t yet played Dave the Diver, a delightful experience that somehow mixes roguelike spearfishing exploration and a time management sushi restaurant simulator into one of the most joyful games of the year, the Nintendo Switch version is a place to get your feet wet.

The game is packed with different types of activities, and as Polygon’s review says, Dave the Diver’s vast number of mechanics shouldn’t work but somehow do. The shark meat of the game is capturing or hunting fish and aquatic life during the diving portions of the…

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