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Dbrand’s Arachnoplates arguably look better than Sony’s Spider-Man PS5

The Dbrand Arachnoplates, for PS5. | Image: Dbrand

Would you rather have a spider-tastic PS5 designed to promote a very specific game or one that looks like a work of art? Dbrand pitches its new Arachnoplates as a substitute for Sony’s sold-out Spider-Man 2 console covers — but I actually think they look better!

Here are the original Sony plates, as a refresher:

Image: Sony

Now, here’s Dbrand’s Arachnoplates again:

Image: Dbrand

Image: Dbrand

Image: Dbrand

It’s a bit more graphic novel, a bit more obviously Spider-Man vs. Venom, and without any corporate logos in the way. No easter eggs this time, either, says CEO Adam Ijaz — “the product is strictly focused on better execution than anyone else in the…

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