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Dell put fast 120Hz panels in its latest UltraSharp monitors

Dell’s 27-inch UltraSharp U2724DE. | Image: Dell

Dell has announced four new UltraSharp monitors that have the potential to be good gaming displays in addition to playing to the brand’s traditional strength of offering color-accurate screens for work. The two 27 inchers have 1440p resolutions, while the other two 24-inch monitors are 1080p. All of them have IPS LCD displays with 120Hz refresh rates, double the 60Hz that Dell has typically offered with its UltraSharp models.

While 120Hz monitors have traditionally been of most interest to gamers, who arguably have the most to gain from a screen that updates twice as quickly as a standard model, Dell is pitching the faster refresh rates in these UltraSharp models as part of a suite of features to enhance visual comfort and reduce eye…

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