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Dumb Money is the Funko Pop version of the GameStop story

Nick Offerman and Seth Rogen as dumb money in Dumb Money. | Image: Lacey Terrell / Sony Pictures

Dumb Money thinks you’re stupid — the title might as well be a reference to anyone paying to see the film.

It’s a bummer, too. I had such high hopes! The GameStop saga, which is the basis for the movie, is genuinely bizarre, and anyone with a flair for the absurd would have a fantastic time with it. To recap: a bunch of Redditors (and others) bought the stock of a flailing retailer that was heavily shorted, sending it soaring — and burning the shorts in the process.

A financial Love Actually, minus the charm

Think about the story of Keith “Roaring Kitty / Deep Fucking Value” Gill for even a moment and you have one of the funniest possible superhero arcs of all time. By day, Gill is giving people decent, reasonable, sensible financial…

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