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EA taps Burnout studio Criterion to work on ‘new era’ of Battlefield

Battlefield 2042. | Image: EA

Things haven’t been going so well with the Battlefield franchise of late, so EA is bringing in some more help. The publisher says that starting today, “Criterion is added to our world-class Battlefield studios dedicated to ushering in a new era for the franchise.”

Criterion was first acquired by EA in 2004 and is best known for its work on racing games, starting with Burnout before shifting to EA’s Need for Speed franchise. But the publisher has also utilized Criterion on a number of non-racing projects, including Battlefield and the Star Wars Battlefront series.

Today’s news comes as part of a restructuring that began in 2021, not long after the rocky launch of Battlefield 2042, putting the franchise under the purview of Respawn boss…

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