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Elgato’s new HDMI 2.1 capture cards are finally here for Xbox Series X and PS5 streaming

Image: Elgato

Elgato is finally ready to launch its HDMI 2.1 cards and on February 1st, or 2/1, no less. After months of teasers, there are now two options for gamers wanting to capture footage from the latest Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles at higher framerates and resolution. The $229.99 4K X is a new USB capture card that lets you capture at up to 4K / 144fps. If you have a full PC setup or you’re more interested in dual PC streaming, Elgato is also launching its $279.99 4K Pro, capable of supporting 8K / 60fps HDR passthrough, all while capturing at 4K / 60fps HDR.

The 4K X can handle a range of passthrough and capture resolutions too thanks to its USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) support. Elgato includes 10Gbps USB-C and HDMI 2.1 cables in the box, and both…

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