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Ember’s new temperature-controlled tumbler is its biggest and most expensive mug yet

Do you need this mug? No. But who cares. | Image: Ember

Both of the following things are true: $199.95 is a totally ludicrous price to pay for a mug, and Ember’s new Tumbler looks pretty great. The Tumbler is a 16-ounce black travel mug (the biggest one Ember has ever made) that claims to be able to keep your beverage at exactly the temperature you want it for hours at a time. It comes with two lids — a twist-off one with a handle and a sliding one with a mouthpiece — and Ember says it can handle even your rugged commuter lifestyle. The battery lasts three hours, and you charge it by placing the Tumbler on its charger / coaster accessory. It’s available for presale now and ships on September 22nd.

It’s a travel mug, is the long and short of it. A travel mug that pairs with an app that you can…

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