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Fortnite’s new season shows just how much the game has changed

Where are we dropping? | Image: Epic Games

This weekend, I experienced something that I hadn’t in quite some time: a queue to play Fortnite. The long-running battle royale hit players with a dose of nostalgia in its latest season — called Fortnite OG — which brings back the game’s original map for the next month. Players have shown up in droves; developer Epic claims that Saturday was the biggest in the game’s history, with more than 44 million players. Amid all of the reminiscing that comes from dropping back into Tilted Towers or drinking an entire Chug Jug, the new season also helped me realize just how far the game has come over the years.

Going back to the original map is a pretty big deal for Fortnite. This is a game that constantly speeds ahead without looking back. When a…

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