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From the cloud to your computer: a new theory of how software works

Illustration by Samar Haddad / The Verge

For a while, I really thought I could be a self-hoster. After months of talking to people about platforms and security and what it means that we really don’t own any of the data and apps we use every day, my big plan was to buy a mini PC and run my life off my own device.

A lot of Docker experimentation later, I pretty much gave up. (As one person put it to me, if you ever find yourself typing in an IP address and port number, you’ve officially exited the realm of “things most people will ever do.”) And so this episode of The Vergecast, the fourth and final in our series about connectivity, became about something else. Self-hosting is a nice idea and a totally impractical reality for most people; signing into cloud services and…

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