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Goal Zero’s modular Yeti Pro 4000 can scale from vanlife power to home backup

The Goal Zero Yeti Pro 4000 at home. | Image: Goal Zero

Goal Zero is updating its lineup of Yeti Power Stations today with the release of the Yeti Pro 4000 and stackable Tank Pro expansion batteries. This modular approach allows you to choose as much capacity as needed, making the batteries suitable for use as solar generators to back up the home or to keep vanlifers living off the grid.

The Yeti Pro 4000 is built around LFP battery chemistry with a capacity of 3,994Wh (51.2V 78Ah) that charges from zero to 100 percent in about three hours from a 1,800W wall charger or from zero to 80 percent in about 90 minutes when supplying up to 3,000W of solar input. It can support a maximum of four Tank Pros for up to 20,000Wh of total stored energy.

The Yeti Pro is big, weighing in at 115.74 pounds…

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