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Google’s ChatGPT competitor Bard is nearly as good — just slower

Image: Hugo Herrera / The Verge

Earlier this month, Google announced the release of Gemini, what it considers its most powerful AI model yet. It integrated Gemini immediately into its flagship generative AI chatbot, Bard, in hopes of steering more users away from its biggest competitor, OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

ChatGPT and the new Gemini-powered Bard are similar products. Gemini Pro is most comparable to GPT-4, available in the subscription-based ChatGPT Plus. So we decided to test the two chatbots to see just how they stack up — in accuracy, speed, and overall helpfulness.

Gemini versus ChatGPT: the basics

ChatGPT Plus and Gemini Pro are both very advanced chatbots based on large language models. They’re the latest and greatest options from their respective companies,…

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