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Google’s emoji mashup maker is now available in Search

Yes, you can even create a strawberry koala. | Screenshot by Emma Roth / The Verge

You can now create your own emoji combinations directly in Google Search. The company has launched its Emoji Kitchen feature on the web (via 9to5Google), which lets you mash up existing emoji to create different combinations, like an angry pumpkin or a panda wearing a cowboy hat.

To start using the tool, all you need to do is type “Emoji Kitchen” into Google Search and click on the “Get cooking” prompt. From there, you pick from dozens of different emoji to combine or play around with the randomizer. Once you’re done experimenting, you can click on the resulting emoji to copy it to your device’s clipboard, allowing you to paste it as a sticker into a message or document.

The emoji maker also works on mobile browsers and the Google app,…

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