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GuliKit’s anti-drift Hall effect sticks are coming for your PS5, PS4, Xbox, and Switch Pro gamepads

I suspect GuliKit’s gamepad sticks will require soldering, though… this DualSense, for example, has sticks soldered to the board. | Image: iFixit

The Nintendo Switch’s infamous “Joy-Con drift” showed us that we deserve more from joysticks and that one company is only too happy to help. Now, GuliKit is officially bringing its drift-resistant magnetic Hall effect joysticks to a PS5, PS4, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch Pro gamepad near you in the form of upcoming upgrade kits.

They’ll be available for the Sony DualSense, DualShock 4, Xbox Series gamepad, and Nintendo’s own official Switch Pro controller. But surprisingly, GuliKit is no longer bringing it to Sony’s modular DualSense Edge like it originally promised and won’t offer it for Xbox Elite controllers, either. GuliKit business director Jack He tells me that’s because neither Sony nor Microsoft offer working calibration tools for…

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