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Here is Intel’s new Bong-filled hip-hop hold music

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

I know, I know, my headline is a lot — but it’s true!

Intel, the chipmaker, has turned its iconic five-note Intel Bong sound mark into a piece of music that now greets investors, analysts, and journalists who tune in to the company’s earnings calls. It’s got a drum kit, record scratch, and everything:

“Wait, is that Intel?” asked my wife the moment the conference call hold music began playing over my speakers. Mission accomplished, I presume! Also… it’s kind of catchy?

Intel corp comms director William Moss confirms this is the first time the company’s used the tune.

In case you’re more interested in Intel’s future than its muzak, its Q3 2023 earnings call suggested it’s doing well! While sales aren’t exactly growing and the PC…

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