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Here’s how Apple’s new iPhone 15 models compare to some of the best Android phones

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, which are now made of titanium chassis. | Photo by NIlay Patel / The Verge

Apple finally got with the program and put USB-C on its new iPhones, but how do they compare to Android phones from the likes of Samsung and Google, where USB-C is nothing but old hat?

The iPhone 15 and 15 Pro models Apple announced at its “Wonderlust” keynote have various other updates and niceties aside from a new port — like new cameras, Dynamic Islands up and down the line, Roadside Assistance through the satellite function, and an Action Button and lighter titanium build on the Pros — but these still look quite like iPhones until you plug in a charger. And just like many years prior, USB-C represents yet another iPhone adoption that Android phones have had for years.

So it’s a good opportunity to look at how the iPhone 15 and…

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