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Here’s the first proof a refreshed Steam Deck is nigh

The Steam Deck, in its bundled carry case. | Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Think we’re not getting a new Steam Deck just because Valve isn’t ready to upgrade its performance? Think again: Valve already put a new Steam Deck through the FCC’s certification process on August 13th, agency documents reveal.

Image: FCC

Image: FCC

The mystery “Valve 1030” that went through South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency has now been definitively identified as a Steam Deck, and it’s our first proof the hardware’s potentially close enough to release to justify showing it to regulators.

Why are we only learning about this now? Because just like with the original Steam Deck, Valve used its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip vendor to sneak it through. Valve sleuths Brad Lynch and @TVKilledMi…

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