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Hey Gen Z, I promise you aren’t aging like milk

Is this what Gen Z really looks like? | Image: Getty

Okay, Gen Z. Sit down, babes. It’s time to talk.

I have seen multiple reports that you are worried about whether you are “aging like milk.” (I guess this is a thing on TikTok, an app I am too old to care about.) Like, yes, I think it is extremely funny to tease you, but also, generally, I like you guys and am kind of worried about how neurotic you are making yourselves. It is — to borrow a phrase — time to stop, drop, and roll yourself back to sanity.

Do you know how many times since my 40th birthday I have uttered the magic words: “I am 40. I don’t have to care about this”?

I am not interested in the question of whether you are aging faster than millennials. I don’t think you’re scared of looking old. I think you’re scared of being old….

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