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Honda’s Motocompacto scooter will satisfy your secret desire to ride an electric suitcase to work

Image: Honda

In the vast realm of last-mile electric micromobility, Honda’s new Motocompacto aims to bridge the divide between scooter lovers and people who prefer to get around riding a carry-on-sized suitcase.

I’m joking, of course, but the new scooter does have the appearance of that, or maybe it looks more like an oversized AirPods case. At 41.3lbs, the Motocompacto is probably on the heavier side for electric scooters, but for suitcases, it may be in the sweet spot. With a top speed of 15mph, a maximum range of 12 miles, and a peak output of 490 watts, the delightfully square-shaped two-wheeler is billed as a first- and last-mile solution “designed for the new realities of urban mobility.”

It’s also designed as an homage to Honda’s gas-powered…

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