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How Insomniac Games tried to make a Spider-Man suit for every kind of player

Miles Morales in the Across the Spider-Verse suit. | Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

For the art team at Insomniac Games, there’s one job that everyone seems to want: working on Spidey’s suits. Since the first Spider-Man game on the PS4, modeling the in-game suits has been “a hotly contested assignment” among the studio’s character team, according to senior art director Jacinda Chew. Over the course of three games, including the recently launched Spider-Man 2, the team has managed to add a huge number of unlockable suits, covering everything from the Across the Spider-Verse animated film to the internet’s favorite bodega cat. “That’s the treat,” says Chew, “to be able to work on a suit.”

However, that wasn’t something that was obvious to her from the start. Chew says that it wasn’t until the first Spider-Man launched and…

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