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iA Writer can now track what you or ChatGPT wrote

In iA Writer’s traditional minimalist interface, AI text shows up in grey, while your own words an in black. | Image: iA Writer

iA Writer 7, the latest version of the minimalist multi-platform writing software, has a new feature that’s designed to clearly mark text contributed by generative AI systems like ChatGPT. While your own words appear in black, you can choose for AI-generated text copied into your iA document to be greyed out. Then, as you tweak and edit the AI additions you can easily keep track of how much text is your original work and how much is artificially generated.

In its blog post about the feature, the company outlines its philosophy about using AI-generated text in writing. Rather than letting AI become a “ghostwriter” that “takes over” and makes you “lose your voice,” iA Writer’s feature is designed to encourage you to use AI “as a dialog…

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