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Infiniti’s sleek Vision Qe concept is a reminder of the EVs it hasn’t launched

Don’t expect Infiniti to make an EV like this any time soon. | Image: Infiniti

Infiniti is looking to launch its first electric vehicle ever: a super sporty fastback sedan based on a newly revealed concept it calls the Vision Qe. The luxury brand of Nissan debuted the new concept at Japan’s Mobility Show 2023 this week and promised a production version will follow, well, someday.

Over the years, Infiniti has promised to launch a new EV several times but has not yet released anything. In 2012, parent company Nissan even had a plan to transform its pioneering Leaf platform into a luxury version with a less bulbous look for Infiniti, but it never appeared.

Infiniti built a couple more prototypes and concepts afterward and said in 2019 that it’d make a real EV out of another concept called the QX Inspiration.

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