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Is my co-worker AI? Bizarre product reviews leave Gannett staff wondering

Image: Mia Sato / The Verge

A smattering of articles recently discovered on Reviewed, Gannett’s product reviews site, is prompting an increasingly common debate: was this made with artificial intelligence tools or by a human?

The writing is stilted, repetitive, and at times nonsensical. “Before buying a product, you need to first consider the fit, light settings, and additional features that each option offers,” reads an article titled “Best waist lamp of 2023. “Before you purchase Swedish Dishcloths, there are a few questions you may want to ask yourself,” says another. On each page, there is a section called “Product Pros/Cons” that, instead of actually offering benefits and drawbacks, just has one list with a handful of features. The pages are loaded with…

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