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Is the Cybertruck’s wiper actually multiple wipers in a row? An investigation

One big wiper, or three wipers in a trench coat? | Image: Parker Ortolani / The Verge

As Vergecast listeners know, I am deeply and forever fascinated by the Tesla Cybertruck’s wiper — it is one of the silliest design compromises in automotive history on a vehicle that is itself a rolling design compromise. I love it so much.

Anyway, I’ve been asking listeners to send in detailed shots of the wiper to confirm a rumor I’ve been hearing — my thanks to the dozens of people who’ve passed along photos. I didn’t have anything worth running until today, though: our own Parker Ortolani spotted a Cybertruck in NYC and took several photos that appear to show that the “single wiper” is actually multiple wiper blades stacked in a row.

The idea, I’ve been told, is apparently to make replacements easier — one assumes sourcing…

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