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Jony Ive invests in blender company

The BlenderCap (right) attaches to a bottle (middle) to produce smoothies and other blended drinks (left). | Image: Cruz

Jony Ive is leading an interesting life post-Apple. The latest news from the famed designer is that he’s invested an undisclosed amount in Cruz, the company behind a USB-C-powered bottle cap with built-in blades that’s designed to turn drink bottles into portable blenders. Cruz launched the $129 BlenderCap back at CES earlier this year. The device comes with a 32-ounce vacuum insulated bottle but is also designed to fit on other wide-mouth bottles from companies like HydroFlask.

Although Cruz seems like a left-field investment for Ive, it makes more sense given the company was founded by former Apple engineers Matthew Moore and Dakota Adams, who were part of the team that built the original Apple Watch as well as some iPhone components….

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