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Kia gets its first customer for the PV5 modular electric vehicle: Uber

Image: Kia

Kia and Uber have signed an memorandum of understanding to use the automaker’s newly announced PBV modular electric vehicles for ridehailing.

PBV, which stands for Platform Beyond Vehicle, was introduced during CES in Las Vegas as a family of EVs built on a flexible vehicle architecture, with different swappable body types. The vehicle can be transformed from a minivan to a full-size van to a small truck, depending on the specific need. The driver cab remains fixed while the rest of the vehicle is interchangeable, like a real-life Duplo set.

One of the possible variations is the PV5, a midsized electric van that Kia says is designed for ridehailing, delivery, and utilities. Uber wants to add the PV5 as an option for its drivers, in the…

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