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League of Legends’ Song of Nunu spinoff gets a release date

Image: Riot Games

Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story finally has a release date. The League spinoff arrives on PC and Nintendo Switch on November 1st, with preorders starting today.

The game follows Nunu and his Yeti friend Willump as they sled, hike, and climb their way through the frozen Freljord landscape. During the game, you’ll encounter other League champions, like Braun (who you can see in the trailer), Ornn, and Volibear. There’s also Lissandra “whose twisted magic threatens to bury the world in Dark Ice.”

While the story-driven title was initially set to come out last year, Riot Forge, the game publisher owned by League developer Riot Games, pushed back its launch date until 2023 to “put on some finishing touches.”

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