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Leica’s latest camera encrypts verification info into every photo

Just like the M11, the M11-P comes in a black aluminum body that’s lighter in weight or a silver chromed brass that’s heavier. | Image: Leica Camera

The compact and discreet nature of Leica M rangefinder cameras once made them a popular choice for photojournalists, long before autofocus became pretty much a prerequisite. But while M cameras these days are more likely to be in the hands of an amateur or enthusiast than a conflict photographer shooting for Reuters or The Associated Press, Leica’s new M11-P has a novel approach to verifying the authenticity of photos.

The $9,195 M11-P follows mostly the same playbook as Leica’s prior “P” variants. At its core, it’s mostly the same as the 60-megapixel manual focus M11 rangefinder it’s based on, but it eschews the red dot badge in favor of an old-fashioned engraving, upgrades the LCD cover from Gorilla Glass to sapphire crystal, and, like…

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