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Lexus shows off LF-ZC electric vehicle concept that will launch in 2026

Lexus LF-ZC concept. | Image: Lexus

Lexus announced new concept electric vehicles for Japan’s Mobility Show, including the new LF-ZC, which is a four-door luxury car that the company plans to use as a basis for a real one that will launch in 2026. The luxury Toyota brand also presented a second concept called the LF-ZL which the company says is for a “guilt-free luxury lifestyle.”

The LF-ZC, which stands for “Lexus Future Zero-emission Catalyst,” has a low-hanging roofline that smoothly transitions from the hood to the rear. The windshield is long and goes over the heads of the front passengers for an expansive field of vision. The profile and rear shape look like it draws some inspiration from Toyota’s no-longer-ugly Prius. They’re about the same length, too: 187 inches…

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