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LG’s new ultrawide monitors are a little smaller and a little cheaper

It’s wide. | LG

LG has a pair of new 45-inch ultrawide gaming monitors. That sounds very wide to me, though LG says it’s the equivalent of two 24-inch monitors, which sounds almost compact compared to the 49-inchers from Samsung and LG, or the gargantuan Samsung Odyssey Ark we tested last year.

The UltraGear 45GR65DC ($799) and 45GR75DC ($899) are slightly smaller and a few hundred bucks cheaper than the 49-inch 49GR85DC, which we wisely just called the 49-inch UltraGear when we wrote about it earlier in the year. I can’t do that with these since there are two of them, but they’re basically the same except that the 45GR75DC has USB-C with 90W power delivery and the 45GR65DC doesn’t. If you preorder the fancier one before the 19th, LG will throw in a…

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