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Lisa Frankenstein’s new trailer makes it look like a totally rad monster romance

Most of us associate the name “Lisa Frank” with kittens, unicorns, and dolphins leaping out of neon oceans, but after watching the trailer for Focus Features’ Lisa Frankenstein, you might have to add “reanimated corpse boyfriends” to that list.

From director Zelda Williams and writer Diablo Cody, Lisa Frankenstein tells the story of Lisa (Kathryn Newton), a gloomy high schooler who — like most of her peers — feels deeply misunderstood by the world. Like most of the teenagers in her orbit, Lisa longs to be with someone who can relate to her disdain for the drudgery of everyday life. But whereas Lisa’s friends all pine for living, breathing boys, she only has eyes for a seemingly long-dead corpse (Cole Sprouse).

When Lisa somehow manages…

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