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Mailchimp is shutting down TinyLetter

This is an official press screenshot from TinyLetter. Throwback! | Image: TinyLetter

Mailchimp is shutting TinyLetter, a service that I loved that let individuals easily write and publish simple but nice-looking email newsletters. The service will be discontinued on February 29th, 2024, according to a message I see when logged into my TinyLetter account.

A user on X (formerly Twitter) shared a screenshot of what looks to be a message from Mailchimp that provides some additional context about the shutdown. Since Mailchimp acquired TinyLetter in 2011, “our business priorities have evolved, and we’ve been laser focused on building tools to serve marketers and help small businesses grow,” according to the message. “The TinyLetter community’s needs have changed too, with some customers moving to Mailchimp to scale and…

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